Vastu Shanti

Vastu Shanti worship is originally a worship of lord and Deity of directions, five element of nature as well as natural forces and other related stuffs We do Vaastu Shanti ( worship of deity and lord of nature and their elements and natural forces as well as lord and deity of directions and environment ) to remove any type of Vaastu Dosha whether it's a land and building by nature of environment by Vaastu Shastra worship with avoiding major changes and demolition in the structure of building.

When the construction of a building, house etc. is completed, and the worship which is done before the house entrance is called the Vishvashanti Poojan. This worship is an essential worship, so that the deities located in the Vastu Mandal are helpful in giving happiness, peace, prosperity to the people living in that house etc. If any new home is not done in the form of homeless worship, then the Vaastu-Devtas are always pronounced and utterly vow for the people. Vastu Shanti is essential at the beginning of the five, home, puja, and the beginning of the eclipse, land acquisition, reconstruction, foundation stone and house entrance.

At the beginning of the home-entry, the peace of the house-Vastu must be done. This house was created by the rishis of Vaastu peace karma for the purpose of becoming a worldly and ecstatic pleasure and peaceable person for this purpose. The theme of Vastushanti in rituals is very important because, due to the absence of any error, the house built by the expenditure of lakhs and crores rupees may be fatal to the ghosts at the time or a builder, craftsman, or home-made scholar, for the sake of peace. The choice of qualified scholars to make Vastushanti is important, because if the work of Vaastikanti is not fully accomplished by the Vedic law then the mughur of the house and the house is also redundant. Therefore, the builder of the ritualistic scholar should do his thinking very carefully.

We must do Vaastu Shastra in the following circumstances to avoid adverse effect (circumstances) by nature and environment

  • Choosing a land against Vaastu parameters.
  • Construct a building against the Vaastu rules and money short comings remain in structure.
  • Due to errors in interior arrangement of concerned rooms and buildings.
  • When we a bought an old home.
  • At the time of renovation of home. Or any building.
  • When we have been living for 5 years regularly.
  • After come back to foreign trip.
  • At the time of inauguration of a new home.

Losses of Not Doing Vastu Shanti 

Due to homeowners defects, the producer has to face different kinds of calamities.
If you are not worshiped before the house, then there is nightmare, fear of sudden sickness, misfortune etc. is always there.
The homeowner has to face the horrific indebtedness, and the debt does not get rid quickly, the debt goes up.
The atmosphere of the house is always full of discord and unrest. Confusion persists in the mind of people living in the house. Wife life is also not pleasant
The people of that house always suffer from some kind of illness, and that home always becomes a camp of sickness.
The jeweler may face the crisis of separation from the sons.
In the house where Vastu defects are, the house does not exist, meaning money does not last. Income starts to cost more.
The house where sacrifices and Brahmin food have never happened, such a house should never enter. Because that home provides accidental plight.

Benefits of Vastu Shanti 

If the householder completes the house worship before the house, then he always gets happiness.
Laxmi has a permanent residence, the homeowner does not have to face problems related to money related to money etc.
The home environment is also calm, relaxed. Diseases are prevented.
People living in the house experience happiness, enjoyment and so on.
The possibility of having any kind of abnormal, unwanted etc. ends.
Deities in the house are inhabited, their influence does not have obstacles and they do not get disturbed.
Being absent from home and being pleased with the house Vaastu Deva brings success in every field.
Home owners in all buildings through with Tue Geetadi with his wife and Priwarikjnon if it enters into a new home, it is highly Srasht fruitful.