Rudra Abhishek

Abhishek means - bathing or doing. This bath is done by Lord Shankar with water and rudra mantras for his happiness, it is called Rudrabhishek. The stream of water is very dear to Shivaji. Generally, Abhishek is either from water or Ganga water but for special occasions and special purpose milk, curd, ghee, sugar, honey, panchamrita etc are done with items.

Rudra Abhishek is a ritual where Panchamrut Pooja is offers to lord Trimbakeshwara with powerful hymns/mantras to fulfills all the wishes of the person who gets it performed.

This Abhishekha bestows prosperity, fulfillment of all desires, it removes negativity, cut off the negative karma and give all round happiness in life.The Panchamrut pooja contains Milk,Curd,Ghee,Huney and Sugar.

It is done for fulfilling our desires, and for prosperity. It is a very special type of Puja which is done by only Local Brahmins of the Trimbakeshwar at the temple .This bestows prosperity, fulfillment and give all aground happiness in life Ahishekha is perormed by Chanting the verses of Sanskrit sholakas ('Suktas') (Rudra )and simultaneously offering either holy leaves, holy water, honey, Milk, curd (yogurt), sugar, cane juice to Lord Trimbakeshwar.

Verses are Pronounced loudly by priests they are written in ('San-Skrit' language pronounced as sun-s-krita ) ancient Indian language. There is a belief that ,this language is use for communication by God.Priest's usually can chant in this language. The vibrations generated from this chanting heals the mind of listeners and will give him/her peace of mind.

Shiva is said to be Rudra - it destroys the root meaning of sadness. In the worship of Asushosh Lord Sadashiv, the special glory of Rudrabhishek is. In the Brahmanical texts of the Vedas, in the Upanishads, in memories and in the Puranas, the recitation of Rudrabhishek, chanting etc. is the description of the special glory. There is no other mantra similar to Rudrakshay, worshiped Vedas and memorials etc. In this book, the description of both Nirguna and Saguna forms of Brahma is described. With absolute holiness and devotion of all kinds, by heart, karma and speech, should be done for the happiness of God Sadashiv. Rudraksha ritual is the main instrument for the purpose of keeping a person's mind subjected to the absence of demise and the person can keep his or her perceptions clean. It is capable of achieving the retirement route from the Rudranukhan trend-direction. The chanting, reading and the abhishek etc. are the benefits of Bhagavad-ji, peace, son-potadrias, prosperity of wealth and health. At the same time, Sadhgati and Parampad (salvation) are also received. Rudrabhishek is the ultimate holy and wealth, success, and age. For the sake of our welfare, we should engage in unselfishness for the blessings of God Sadashiva, its infinite fruit. All the wishes are met by making Rudrabhishek for all types of authority.