Narayan Nagbali

Narayan Nagbali is the vidhi done to get free oneself from curses like Pitru Shaap. It should be performed at Trimbakeshwar. Narayan Bali ritual is done to fulfill and satiate the unsatisfied desires of the ancestors souls which are trapped in our world due to strong desires that stay with the soul even after death and to get rid of their own pain they put forth household and realistic problems and thus trouble their progeny. People facing with offspring death, distress in life, poverty, waste of money, untreatable diseases, family health problems, educational hindrances, marriage problems, goblin, demonic possession, untimely death, intermittent accidents, curse from family members, should have Narayan Nagbaliperformed which will solve all such problems.

Narayan Nagbali is done to free oneself from the wrongdoing of killing a snake, specially Cobra which is worshiped in Hindu Dharma. When an individual collects wealth throughout his life and if gets intensely attached to his wealth then that individual after death in the form of serpent protects his wealth and does not allow any one else to take its advantage. If this serpent is killed in this or the previous birth then its curse is passed on. Problems like gout, bile, phlegm, tridosh, Janya jwar, Shool, ud, gandamala, kushakundu, Netrakarnakucha are seen in the people affected. To cure all such diseases one must perform the Narayan Nagbali rite.

Instructions For Narayan Nagbali:

  • The pooja of Narayan Nagbali is completed in 3 days.
  • People must come one day earlier (before 9 P.M.) to the worship place.
  • Please bring with you new white clothes dhoti, gamcha, napkin and for your wife saree, blouse etc. (Other than black or green colour).
  • Reservation for this ritual must be made minimum 4 days in advance by informing us by phone or mail.