Kaal Sarp

The Kalsarpa Yoga in your horoscope is known by seeing the position of the planets in the horoscope but sometimes the horoscope gets misplaced when there is no accurate knowledge of birth and date. If there is such a situation then the Kaal sarp Puja Yoga in your horoscope can be known by some special characteristics.

Symptoms of Kaal Sarp 

When people suffer from Kalsarpa yoga, they come in the dream of the dead. Most of the dead are people of the family. A person influenced by this yoga can see a shadow on his house in a dream. The person feels like someone is pressing his body and throat. Seeing river, pond, sea etc. in the dream are also signs of suffering from Kalsarpa yoga.
According to astrology, people affected by this yoga are devoted to society and family, they do not reveal their personal wish nor do they mean more than their pleasure. Their life is full of conflict. Feeling of loneliness in the state of illness or suffering and the loss of life are all these signs of yoga.
If you are facing this type of situation then it is possible that you are suffering from this yoga. Treat it to reduce the pain of this yoga.

Kalsarp Yoga

The point of action is explained in all scriptures and religion. According to the work we do, we get the result. This is the same belief and belief behind Kalsarpa Yoga. According to the belief, Kalsarp Yoga is made in the horoscope of that person who killed a snake in the previous birth or persecuted an untimely creature that he died. Apart from this, it is also believed that when a person's strong desire remains incomplete, then the person takes rebirth to fulfill his desires and such a person also has to face this yoga.

Kaal sarp Yog Peace

In order to avoid the evil effect of Kalsarpa Yoga, according to the scriptures given in Shastra, 108 should be chanted at every day through the Pankhakshari mantra "Oon Nam" or Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. The black beacon should be chanting the seeds of the planet Rahu 108 times from the beads. On Saturday, the roots of Peepal should be irrigated with water. Keeping the fast on the day of Nagpanchami, worship of Nag Dev should be worshiped. Should worship the peacock Lord Shri Krishna. On Saturday or Panchami date 11 coconut flows in the running water. The pairs of 108 Naga Nagin, made of metal, should be flown into running water. On Monday, a scholar should be done with a RudraBhishek. Kalsarp Gayatri Mantra should be chanted. These remedies reduce the chronic effects of time snake and serpent yoga and do not face obstacles arising due to them in life.

The people who are in Kalsarpa Yoga remain intimidated by snakes. They are afraid to snake. Seeing the snake wrapped on the body or dreaming of a snake in the dream is also the symptom of this yoga. If you go to the height, fear of strangulation, frightening and restlessness, and going to the dreary places, fear of mind is considered to be the symptoms of Kalsarp.
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